Veteran Affairs

Second-chance HEA romance based on a true story.

“A baby or a ménage—which one do you think will save my marriage?”

Does that sound ridiculous? Because I’m willing to be if that means changing the course of my marriage.

It’s going to be our fifth wedding anniversary and I don’t want it to be the last, but I also don’t want to keep going if it means living a miserable life. I love Max with all of my being, but I can’t stand being ignored any longer in this small apartment.

I feel like a prisoner of love.

Everything I do revolves around avoiding Max’s triggers. And if only he showed me some affection, I know I could pull through with him, despite his PTSD.

I bought this diary as a desperate measure in hopes that it would lead me in the right direction. I may be expecting a miracle.

Max actually wants a baby and he has fantasized about seeing me with somebody else since we’ve been together. It all seemed like fun and games. But after a scary, explosive fight, Max actually invites his Army friend, Brett, over for the weekend.

Read Lexi Haywood’s diary as she discovers her way back to love.
❤ Guaranteed HEA! ❤

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